About Us

About us

One of the largest and most respected beauty-related portals on the internet, 

Self Beauty Care is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about 

well-being and lifestyle issues that may be affecting their day-to-day lives. 

Our team’s dedication to helping individuals to feel healthy and happy is what makes 

us proud to be part of an extensive network of websites. As a result of our individual stories, 

we suggest products that allow people to find the solutions they need quickly and efficiently.

What We Do  

We started our self Beauty Care in 2010 because, like you, we have an obsession with beauty, 

style, and fashion. We test our products to ensure they’ll work for a variety of people and

 we also love to find tips that we can give out so you know about the latest trends no matter

what your size or shape is. 

One thing’s for sure – beauty is an art form.

Sometimes all you need is some help from others to take care of your beauty, 

along with your own motivation and inspiration. Luckily, Self Beauty Care can serve as

 an inspirational partner and keep you up to date. 

We aim to guide people through common beauty concerns they may face while searching for ways to 

solve their current health woes in the meantime during this stressful time. A highly engaged audience 

of million (and growing) is what we desire across all platforms. There are a number of beauty topics we’ll cover, 

including skincare, haircare, makeup, hairstyles, and fashion.

Our website offers users a trusted source of beauty care facts, as well as an analytical tool to help them 

analyze their beauty problems and make informed decisions. We are eager to offer you professional 

assistance at all times whenever you need it. We believe it’s important to proceed with the utmost honesty,

 transparency and clarity when it comes to our beauty coverage. 

The more honest you are about what makes a product work for you, or why a particular shade didn’t 

work for you as well as another, the better chance you have of influencing other people to experiment

 with different products and shades. 

Please feel free to click around our website and stay for a while. Our goal is to help you learn 

all about beauty care products online and feel inspired, joyful, safe and assured that you are doin

 your best for yourself and for others every day.

Our Standards 

Our standards are devoted to giving readers quality information and advice to find confidence, 

community, and joy through beauty and style. This site maintains a large database of articles 

written by qualified medical professionals on any given topic related to beauty & skincare.

 Our team of editors takes each article and reviews it for accuracy in order to ensure 

that our readers are receiving information free from any possible bias or conflict of interest

, as well as ensuring we don’t recommend any treatments or research that may not

 be relevant in the present day. Our job is to make sure you have proper access to accurate scientific 

information so you can take care of yourself better.

Our Review Board

Self Beauty Care has extensive experience and knowledge in the beauty care field. First of all, 

Self Beauty Care has a team of highly professional writers; certified beauty and wellness experts 

who review their content as well. Our board makes sure Self Beauty Care supports your needs 

by researching your preferences. Each writer is required to have a specific degree in one of the 

many subject areas related to the articles they write things. Your sources are current, relevant, and 

evidence-based articles that are written in simple language for you. All together their expertise assures 

you can get all the information you want at your fingertips.

Editorial Policies

Providing accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on skin care products and their effects on humans,

Self Beauty Care is dedicated to providing fresh, accurate, and up-to-date material. Self beauty care articles are professionally researched, edited, and fact-checked to ensure accuracy and relevance by qualified

 experts who are also reviewed by our team of contributors to make sure the information featured in these articles is accurate.

Our Team 

The editorial and management team of Yours Truly are experts in their fields and work together 

on a daily basis to manage the content that is published on our website. Our experienced and certified 

editors, writers, reviewers and publishers make sure that users come to the site to find only

 “the best or most accurate” information which enables us to offer a wide range of topics that are 

relevant to our readers every day.

Terms Of Use

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Self Beauty Care is a community platform for people looking to spread awareness and help prevent self-harm

.  Using our web platforms implies that you agree to the Terms Of Use.

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you can send them to [email protected] or contact us here.